A note from the AUC Provost

Received this today and it struck me as a voice of reason.
Dear Colleagues — The AUC Faculty,
These are sad days in the long and bright life of AUC.  The action taken by a few students to block access and occupy the premises of the New Cairo campus cannot be justified under any circumstances.  Over the past few days, and especially yesterday, we have witnessed heroic and courageous efforts by our faculty (staff and students alike) who tried to force themselves into their “own” campus.  While this is understood and appreciated, we are fearful for your own safety.  Accordingly, the University Cabinet has decided to suspend all operations (including all academic activities) at the New Cairo campus until further notice.  I am writing to confirm that the New Cairo campus is closed today; please do not go to the campus.  A similar message is being sent by the other Vice Presidents to their constituencies.
Please be assured that we are doing our best to resolve the conflict, but only by upholding the valued principles that made AUC such a great university over its 93-year history.  If and when we can operate the campus safely, you will be notified.  In the meantime, I will continue to update you by short messages as this.
With my best regards,
Medhat Haroun

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